1. Random Thought: Condoms...

    • So, I was in Duane Reade today and the Lifestyle Magnum Ecstasy condoms caught my eye. Every time I see Magnum, I automatically think, big.. I love big men. Big as in tall,..what did you think I meant? Okay, I confuse I like a man height and everything proportioned, so your naughty mind went to the right place ; )
    • My random question is do you have a preference for your condoms or do you just use whatever is available? Just a little something to make you go hmmm.... Remember always protect yourself. No one is that fine that they are worth catching shit over.
  2. Work it like a modern courtesan, Helen! Helen Mirren is the ultimate modern courtesan…she is sooo luscious and delicious. You go girl!

    Amplify’d from style.lifegoesstrong.com

    Helen Mirren, Body of the Year. Rejoice!

    Helen Mirren was named Body of the Year

    People magazine just published the results of an LA Fitness gym poll that named 66-year-old Helen Mirren as the Body of the Year. In second place: Elle “The Body” MacPherson, 48. Jennifer Lopez, 42, came in a distant third.

    Call it the revenge of the middle-agers (OK, technically Helen Mirren has aged out of middle-age, but isn’t 70 like the new 40?)

    Helen Mirren has the wrinkles and gray hair that comes with being 60-something. And she’s still smokin’ hot.
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  3. Red lipstick is hot. Red lipstick is sexy. Red lipstick brings on the oh la la. Every modern courtesan should have a go to red to pull out of her bag when she is ready to cause a stir. The color red stimulates the body and mind, isn’t that what you want to do? Make sure you find the right red that goes with your complexion, maybe you will even want to have different shades for your different moods. Wear and rock it!

  4. "Sometimes being a bitch is the only thing a woman has to hold on to" is a famous quote from the movie Dolores Claibourne. It can be interesting when a woman holds firm and is confident how she can be deemed a bitch, while if it were a guy doing the same thing, it is just accepted. Always be true to you, especially when you have a clear vision that is the modern courtesan way . Sometimes being known as a bitch can be the best thing for you, remember bitch also means babe in total control (of) herself!

  5. Is this a big surprise…when watching porn women actually want context. More and more women are watching porn, we just need better movies. Just sayin…

    Amplify’d from www.theglobeandmail.com

    What turns women on: less kitsch, more context

    Swedish filmmaker Erika Lust favours everyday hook-up scenarios and modern apartment settings over Mafia dons on yachts.

    Female-friendly erotica features the guy next door and showcases the bed linens, says filmmaker Erika Lust

    We want to see everything.”

    So writes porn producer and director Erika Lust in Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide.

    Not turned on by mainstream porn, Ms. Lust (née Hallquist) decided to make her own: There was Five Hot Stories for Her, which won movie of the year at the 2008 Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, and Barcelona Sex Project (2008), an experimental documentary that followed locals around the Spanish city and finished with them candidly masturbating.

    Ms. Lust’s first book, translated into eight languages and published in North America last month by Seal Press, looks at male- versus female-made porn, its history and lingo, as well as sensual indie art house movies, seventies sexploitation films and Gonzo porn, which involves the participation of the director.

    You write that women looking at pictures of sex “freaks a lot of men out.” Really?

    It is still the case, but it’s changing all the time. From a historical perspective, it’s obvious that porn was created for men, by men. Almost every time you watch a film, you can see that the woman is the vehicle for his orgasm. We haven’t liked it as much because it hasn’t been as attractive to us. But there’s a general idea in society that women like reading erotic novels and having softer sex, that we aren’t as visual as men, that we don’t like to look at people having sex. It’s like soccer: There’s a general assumption that we don’t like it very much.

    Maybe women would watch more porn if the actors looked more like soccer players.

    That’s a good point. When I look at the actors in porn movies, I don’t find them attractive.

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