1. Work it like a modern courtesan, Helen! Helen Mirren is the ultimate modern courtesan…she is sooo luscious and delicious. You go girl!

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    Helen Mirren, Body of the Year. Rejoice!

    Helen Mirren was named Body of the Year

    People magazine just published the results of an LA Fitness gym poll that named 66-year-old Helen Mirren as the Body of the Year. In second place: Elle “The Body” MacPherson, 48. Jennifer Lopez, 42, came in a distant third.

    Call it the revenge of the middle-agers (OK, technically Helen Mirren has aged out of middle-age, but isn’t 70 like the new 40?)

    Helen Mirren has the wrinkles and gray hair that comes with being 60-something. And she’s still smokin’ hot.
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